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Consists of 80g protein per 100g and costs €34.50 per 100g of protein.

It has 80g protein / 100g for €34.50 / 100g of protein.

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Ethically Sourced Colostrum with High Protein Content

Bulk Colostrum is a premium formula for anyone seeking to supplement their diet with natural colostrum. It is sourced from high-quality and ethically treated cows, ensuring that the milk supply is maintained for their calves.

The colostrum is collected within the first 12 hours of calving when it has maximum nutrient density. Colostrum is a natural source of immunoglobulin G (IgG), a type of antibody. Each 10g serving contains a minimum of 30% IgG content as measured through the process of radial immunodiffusion (RID), which ensures consistent quality across all batches.

Rich in Protein and Ideal for Mixing

Bulk Colostrum contains 8g of protein per 10g serving, making it a perfect supplement for anyone looking to increase their protein intake. It is an excellent addition to your regular protein shake formula, ensuring you get all the benefits of the natural colostrum with minimal hassle.

The formula is non-denatured, prepared with a low heat spray-dry to ensure that all the natural goodness remains intact. Being the richest natural source of IgG, Bulk Colostrum provides a variety of additional health benefits.

Perfect Addition to your Workout Regime at an Incredible Price

Bulk Colostrum 30% Active IgG formula is ideal for anyone who wants to supplement their diet with natural colostrum without putting a dent in their wallet. It is a fantastic all-day supplement, whatever your workout regime.

The incredible price of this product in Europe is unmatched in terms of value for money, making it accessible to everyone looking to enhance their protein intake and overall health.

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Ingredients: Colostrum (Milk).

Allergens: Milk.

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