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Consists of 81g protein per 100g and costs €4.89 per 100g of protein.

It has 81g protein / 100g for €4.89 / 100g of protein.

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This is the lowest price!!! with 67% discount.

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What is PeptoPro®?

PeptoPro® is a unique nutritional supplement made by Bulk containing all 20 amino acids in their purest form, with no unnecessary extras. It provides at least 11g of protein per 15g serving, available in both flavored and unflavored formulas.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredient in PeptoPro® is a hydrolyzed enzymatic digestion of casein, which contains high levels of di- and tri-peptide amino acids. Due to the unique process used to create PeptoPro®, it offers an incredible at least 11g hit of protein per 15g serving, in flavored and unflavored formulas.


PeptoPro® provides every amino acid required by our body. It has an 81% protein content in the unflavored version and 73% in the flavored variants. PeptoPro® is rich in protein which serves as a building block for muscles and helps in its growth and maintenance. Additionally, it is low in fat and sugar, which makes it perfect for people looking to add in protein with minimal calorie intake.

We recommend using it as an intra-workout supplement. Take it to the gym, put it in a shaker and enjoy it in sips throughout your workout to ensure your body gets a steady intake of amino acids while you’re working your body hardest. However, one can consume it any time of the day as per their workout regime.

Why Peptopro®?

PeptoPro® is an ideal supplement for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people looking to lead an active lifestyle. It helps in the growth and maintenance of muscles, has an optimal protein content, provides every amino acid needed by our body, and is low in fat and sugar. It's available in both flavored and unflavored formulas and is an ideal supplement choice for anyone looking to add protein to their diet regimen.

vegetarianhalaldairy freelactose freevegansoy freegluten free


Ingredients: Casein Hydrolysate (PeptoPro®).

Allergens: None.

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